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Passionate Supporters

Best Menswear became sponsors of Leinster Rugby back in 2004 and we had no idea that we were starting a journey that was to deliver so much emotion and excitement, passion and pride, fun and friendships… and not a few heartaches! While we are very proud to be sponsors…we are first and foremost passionate supporters of Leinster and Irish Rugby.

Rugby as a sport is inclusive of all shapes and sizes. At Best Menswear, as Tailors of Confidence, we take pride in being able to cater for all men, dressing people to look and feel their confident best. Nothing illustrates this better than tailoring the Leinster squad. We have found the Leinster ‘back room’ team to be just as good as the playing team, they’ve been a real pleasure to deal with through the years. We treasure the successes so far and look forward to many more years of working together and supporting each other.

Leinster player
Leinster player in Best suits
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Hanging with the stars since 2004
Leister player with Best suit carrier
Leinster Heineken Cup winners
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